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All right. Let’s talk about a topic that only the real pro information marketers think about. It’s super important. It’s called Indoctrination or I call it indoctrination. You’ve got this front end process here of the four-step audience ascension ladder. You got attention. You got subscription and so the different things that your prospects are interacting with at these stages are things like your blog and your podcast and videos you’re making and things on social and lead magnet, mini-classes, online events that are free like webinars, in-person seminars, stuff like that.

All of these things you should be thinking about something, move this out of the way that I call Indoctrination. All right. Let me show you a couple of really great examples for some great marketers that what you want to be doing is loosely defined. What we’re trying to do here is let people know who you are and what you’re about and what your brand is about. All right. You want to indoctrinate them to your brand especially when they first start coming into contact with you.

You want them to fall in love with you or at least maybe fall out of love with you, right? So they might actually hate you. That’s fine. You know, sometimes the best thing to do is to kind of pick a fight and let people choose sides. Buck’s joining me here. I don’t know if you see my dog there but here’s a couple of examples of Indoctrination. So Dave Ramsey, an amazing information marketer has this page on his site. You’ve come to the right place. Millions of people have followed you and so it’s like remember when I’m going to be a millionaire one day turned into monthly credit card payments.

So you’re starting to understand what Dave is about, what Ramsey Solutions is about. Dave’s story gives you hope. It tells you his story. He worked and he became successful. Debt caused him to lose everything. He tells his story. You see pictures of him. You see his proven plan on this page. So this is a really good example of Indoctrination at the front end. This isn’t part of a product that he’s selling. This is just front-facing on his website.

Let’s check out another example. Here’s another great example from Cassie Ho at Blogilates. She’s a great information marketer. She’s sending me an email here, why was ashamed and I read through here. It’s like Happy Lunar New Year etc, etc showing pictures of herself. And then she’s got these articles that are very much about her and she’s disclosing information. She’s kind of being vulnerable. Why I was ashamed of where I came from. This is great Indoctrination-type content and it’s not meant to be manipulative.

You’re not trying to create BS content that’s just there to tell your sob story or something like that but you should be opening up to your audience especially early on. You can see if you watch this .. I’ve been meaning to write this post on the pink box and why it’s so significant to me etc, etc. So there’s a couple of really great Indoctrination pieces in these. And so she goes ahead and puts it out here on her Instagram. So this is really great stuff.

When you’re out on the front end and people are getting to know you and getting to know your brand you want to be consistently adding Indoctrination-type content especially to those that are just getting their first touches with you and your brand. You’re going to see that you’re going to build a more engaged audience and as a result make more money.