Plan, Produce and Sell Your Online Course in this on-demand workshop.

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" I am not sure what I assumed but I know that getting started seemed impossible before I started following your process."

Jim Schoemehl

Aesthetic Solutions

4-Module Training

This isn't a piece of the puzzle, it's the entire puzzle. You will plan, build, and sell your course in this workshop.

Email Swipe Files

Copy and paste our email swipe files during your launch to ensure that your copy will get prospects to take action.

Plug-n-Play Formulas

Use our formulas to name your course and write persuasive sales and opt-in pages that convert.

Page Templates

Swipe and install our battle-tested course sales page and lead generation page.  

Metrics Dashboard

Leverage our "Scorecard" spreadsheets to predict and track your marketing success.

Proven Launch Funnel

Swipe our "Value-First" Course Launch Campaign so you can make sales right away.

Let us guide you from zero to profitable online course...


Here's what you get when you join this 4-week workshop...


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I'll be your instructor :-)

Hi, I'm Russ...

I've been building and selling information products for nearly a decade. I've built and helped sell millions of dollars in online courses and workshops.

I don't say that to brag. I say it so you'll understand that I've figured this stuff out and I can teach you to successfully build and sell online courses.

In fact, I have trained and certified thousands of professionals through my coaching, courses, stage presentations and book, Digital Marketing for Dummies. 

Russ Henneberry
Founder, Modern Publisher

"Get this workshop, do the work and don't look back. I got twenty students before I even finished Module 3 without paying a penny on ads or being techy."

Dino Shahin

Founder, EquiTraveler

The Course Builder Canvas keeps you on track

  • Get your plan on paper and follow it. Simple as that. 
  • Outline course deliverables and charge appropriately. (<< Super important) 
  • Build the "framework" that will help you build, sell, and deliver an amazing course..

The "Value-in-Advance" Launch Funnel makes sales

  • Build a world-class marketing campaign that sells (without making you feel sleezy) 
  • Choose from four "launch phases" (or do them all!) depending on your experience level and desired launch intensity.

The toolkit makes it all work 

  • You'll need tools to build and sell your online course. This toolkit is what I've used at DigitalMarketer and Modern Publisher. 
  • These tools are easy to use (if you can use email, you can use these) and they work seamlessly together.

The email swipe file make you a master copywriter

  • Use these proven email templates during your launch.
  • It's as easy as Copy, Paste, Send.
  • Use tested email copy to make sales during all four phases of your course launch.

The Facebook Ad Swipe file throws gas on the fire

  • Swipe ad (and landing page) copy and creative from world-class information marketers. 
  • Set up ad campaigns that generate leads and make course sales. 

"This course offers everything you need from course structure, to the tools you'll need, to everything you need to know about marketing and selling the course."

Manny Muller

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Get instant access to this entire on-demand workshop when you register today

The "Triple Your Investment" Guarantee

If you do the course work and use our templated, step-by-step system to build and sell your course and don't generate at least 3 times your investment in this course in your first course launch, we will get on 1-on-1 calls with you and do what it takes to get those sales.


I'm putting my money where my mouth is...

Ask Live Questions

Ask questions, get answers, and develop your knowledge.

Should I take this workshop?

If you are...

  • a freelancer, agency owner, coach, or consultant that is providing services and want to build passive income.  
  • A content creator (blogger, podcaster, etc) and you'd like to make more money from the content and audience you're creating.
  • An author that would like to convert their book into an online course.
  • A passionate human being with a drive to help others by teaching them what you've learned the hard way.  

... you should complete this workshop.

Can a business partner or employee get access, too?

Yes, a second person can access the workshop using the same log-in information that will be sent after the registration fee is paid.  

How much time will this take each week?

We recommend you do one module per week for 4 weeks. Plan on 4 to 6 hours devoted to getting your course built and ready to sell for each of the 4 weeks.

How long will I have access to the workshop?

You will have lifetime access to the workshop materials.


I can read your mind (And it's a little disturbing!) 😜

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Get started NOW for as low as $245