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Okay, I’m going to show you a quick way to activate a lot of buyers on your list or any other place you can reach them very, very quickly. And it’s using flash sales. So I got this email here, I’m gonna show you from Creative Live. Great information marketers. The subject line is 50% off of every class. And I scroll down here and they’re using a sort of, image-based creative here, 50% off all classes. Right? And so this isn’t an all the time thing.

“This is a one day chance to own that skill and class at this price.”

So if I click on this, it’s going to open up my page here.

A flash sale is a deep discount for a very short period of time. Typically three days, sometimes one day, two days. It could be a 48 hour sale, or a 72 hour sale, but typically it’s gonna be a short period of time and is going to be a very deep discount.

Here’s another example here. So you can see here in this creative live, these are about 50% or there exactly 50% off. That was the offer. So the offer is 50% off of classes but only for today. Right? So you only get this deal today. So you, the combination of the deep discount plus the limited time, so they have to act now is what gets a lot of buyers activated. So you can see here, limited time sales is another course based, they’re selling courses here. Get the content booster jumpstart pack for just 20 bucks, which is 98% off. And then they’ve got a little countdown timer here. This is over at Digital Marketer, my old stomping grounds. So 11 hours, 33 minutes left to get your content booster jumpstart pack. Right? For just 20 bucks.

Here’s the last example I’ll show you from Brendon Burchard over at One Commune, his new business that he started over there. Wellness masterclass at a special launch price, price doubles in two days. So he’s got a countdown timer here. 50% off, now just $99, price doubles in two days, 16 hours. So again, remember deep discount, usually over 50% off up to, you saw a Digital Marketer at 98% off. But usually it’s between 50 and 85% off for a limited time. Run that for one to three days and watch your sales go through the roof.