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All right, let’s talk about the one thing that is going to make your lead magnet convert better than anything else, all right? And that is a very important word and that is specificity. You don’t need to solve these massive problems and solve all of someone’s problems with your free lead magnet giveaway, right? So let’s look at a couple of examples here and again, where are we in this four-step audience ascension ladder?

We’re talking about lead magnets here at the subscription stage. Right here where we got attention and we’re looking to get an email address or get some contact information and build a list, right? We’re going to use lead magnets. And the thing that will make them convert better than really anything else is specificity. So you don’t need to be building something that will solve every problem that this person has. Build something that solves a very specific problem and you’ll see that the conversion rates will go up.

This is a great example here from Do you want to edit your photos way faster? That’s a very specific problem here. Join blah, blah, blah. This is some social proof here. 301,309 others, and grab my free light room presets. I love this tool as a lead magnet because it has tremendous specificity and converts really, really well.

Here’s another example from ONE Extraordinary Marriage. This is another pop up right here and look at how specific it is, right? So I’m on their site, I get this pop up. I’m on a site about improving my marriage. Do you want to learn six incredible questions to instantly break the silence with your spouse? Very specific single deliverable, it doesn’t have to be this big long course or ebook or incredibly long set of videos or audios or anything like that. A simple one page thing. Think about how powerful this is and how it’s the specificity of it that works, right?

If you want to improve your lead magnet conversion rate and you want to get more leads, look to solve very specific problems and solve them as simply as possible and you’re going to see your conversion rates go through the roof.

All right, listen. I was shocked when I realized that every successful blogger, content creator, information business from Tony Robbins to Marie Forleo, from Dave Ramsey to Ryan Deiss, uses the exact same system. You can grab a 100% free copy of this system, it’s called The Business Growth Canvas by visiting You can actually see a copy of the canvas right here.

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