Building and Growing an Information Product Business

 From the desk of Russ Henneberry:

Hello, friend.

I’ve put this resource together for you. Yes… YOU.

That is, if you are looking to build or grow a business by selling your knowledge, wisdom, and experience. (AKA an information product business)

You see… selling things like online courses, membership sites, books, events, or coaching/consulting services has never been easier. And... it’s never been harder.

Easier because we have an incredible amount of training and resources (like this very resource you are reading!) that weren’t available even a few years ago.

Harder because there is more competition.

The good news is that most people that read this will take no action on this information. Will you?

What I’m about to reveal to you in this multi-chapter FREE resource will change your life. There’s only a handful of people in the world that understand what I’m going to show you.  I hope you will do something with it!

If you lean into this long thorough resource, you’ll learn the exact system every successful information product business is using today. I know that sounds like a big claim, but it’s absolutely true.

This is how every multi-million dollar information marketer structures their business from Tony Robbins to Marie Forleo. From Dave Ramsey to Ryan Deiss (my friend and former boss).

I’ve built and helped sell millions of dollars in information products and I built this resource to show you how this industry works.  

Take it. Apply it. Improve upon it.

I’m not saying it will be easy, but I do promise that it will be worth it.

~ Russ Henneberry
Founder, Modern Publisher

P.S.  If you’ve got something to share with the world.  This system will show you how to build a thriving business around it

It all starts with:

The Business Growth Framework


There are 4 steps in the Business Growth Framework:

  • Attention – They know you exist.
  • Subscription – They give you permission to market.
  • Acquisition – They become a customer.
  • Monetization – They buy high-ticket. They buy more. They buy more often.

And there are two elements to consider at each stage of the Business Growth Framework:

  • Content – What content are we asking our audience to consume or buy?
  • Traffic – How will the audience know the content exists?

It really is that simple. And… it really is that complicated.

As information marketers, we produce content like articles, podcasts, webinars, digital courses, books, masterminds, coaching/consulting, and online and in-person events.

We sell our knowledge. Our wisdom. Our experience. We sell our ability to solve our audience’s problems.

The truth is you could have the best content in the world — but you must have TRAFFIC or no one will know it exists.

Traffic is how you get eyeballs on your online course, webinar, article, podcast, book, event, coaching/consulting service or anything else you’ve created.

Digital advertising, for example, is traffic:

Molly Pittman and Ezra Firestone advertising their new course on Facebook.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is traffic:

A homesteading course from Wild Abundance ranks highly in Google for the keyword phrase, ‘homesteading classes.’

Email marketing is traffic:

Webinars (free live events) are traffic:

… and social media marketing is traffic:

To build a stable, predictable information product business — you need CONTENT and TRAFFIC at each stage of the Business Growth Framework.

Don’t panic if you don’t have these things in place right now. I’m going to show you where to start.

But, eventually, if you want to scale this business, you’ll want to put these things in place.

So… what THINGS am I referring to? Let’s start with the Monetization stage because that’s where the money is. 🙂

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What’s inside this Ultimate Guide?



The Ultimate Guide to Starting and Growing an Information Product Business

Learn what information products are and why now is the time to build your information product business.

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Chapter 1 - Monetization

How to Make Money Selling Information Products

Learn how pro information marketers create a product and traffic mix that monetizes their business.  This is where the money is made.

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Chapter 2 - Acquisition

How to Get Customers for Your Information Product Business

Without customers, you don't have a business. Most information businesses fail because they don't understand what is taught in this chapter.

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Chapter 3 - Subscription

How to Get Leads for Your Information Product Business

Leads (sometimes called subscribers) are the lifeblood of your business.  You'll learn how to create a predictable lead generation machine.

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Chapter 4 - Attention

How to Build an Audience for Your Information Product Business

They can't buy from you until they know you exist.  This chapter is all about the tactics to use to grow a massive audience.

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Chapter 5 - Getting Started

How to Start an Information Product Business

You've learned about a lot of different tactics.  Which one should you do first?  Simple.  Don't skip this chapter or you risk wasting a ton of time and energy.

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