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All right, so let me show you this really cool lead magnet funnel that I just went through and I screenshot it and figured you guys would want to see it too.

So, I was on Sitepoint, and I think it’s, and I was reading some kind of post here and then I got a pop up here. Free book. All yours. Javascript Best Practices. So, it’s worth $11.95 on Amazon. It’s yours free. Looks like a nice offer here for this free book. So I go ahead and opt in, and the next step in the funnel that they’ve created here is that they’re going to have you create an account, which I love.

So, instead of just dropping me on a thank you page, they’re going to have me go ahead and create an account inside of their application. So set a password and create an account.

So rather than just deliver the lead magnet to me, this little book, they’re gonna have me go ahead and create an account. So I’ve gone ahead and did that and then I was dropped in here. So, this is where they’re gonna pay off the lead magnet. So they’re gonna give me this book here. Write powerful, clean and maintainable JavaScript, so here’s the actual lead magnet being delivered inside of the same place where they keep their paid information products.

Then, there’s this persistent call to action as I was scrolling through this little book here that says, “Get 160 more books just like this one for free, or just like this one, get access now.” So when I clicked on that, that then dropped me into the offer.

So now they’re going to ask me for nine bucks a month, so that I can get access to 140 plus web development design books, et cetera.

So, what I really loved about this funnel is that instead of just getting my email, which they did, and they’re able to keep emailing me after that, they also got me to create an account and then they delivered the lead magnet inside of the member’s area, where they keep all their other information products. I think that was really smart. I thought you might too.